Line Rocker Bearings

Nova Line Rocker Bearings were specifically developed for use on pre-cast beam bridges. Their generous rocking capability (rotation about the bearing’s longitudinal axis/structure’s transverse axis) solves the problem of “hogged” beams, while zero transverse rotation provides a stable seating for slender beams during construction. Rotation is achieved by the rocking action of the intermediate plate of the bearing on the cylindrical lower portion of the bearing. In plan, Nova Line Rocker Bearings are long in the transverse direction of the structure and relatively narrow in the longitudinal direction of the structure. This makes them particularly suitable for structures with narrow supports.

Nova Line Rocker Bearings are manufactured in three size ranges, Nova “Small j”, Nova “Big J” and Nova “Super J”. The choice of which range should be used depends on the load to be carried and size/space constraints.

Nova Line Rocker Bearings are available in fixed, multidirectional, unidirectional-transverse and unidirectional-longitudinal types. Translational movement in multidirectional and unidirectional bearings is achieved by the sliding action of a Teflon (PTFE) surface against polished stainless steel.


Download Line Rocker Bearing Brochure.

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