Structural Bearings

Nova Structural Bearings (Type SB) have been designed for use on structures that require translational movement only but do not require rotation about a horizontal axis. They are commonly used to support large gas receivers, precipitators, silos, etc. Translational movement is achieved by the sliding action of a Teflon (PTFE) disc against a polished stainless steel surface.

Nova SB  bearings are available in two types:

  1. MSB (Multidirectional Structural Bearing) which allows translational movement in all horizontal directions and therefore cannot resist horizontal loads.
  2. USB (Unidirectional Structural Bearing) which allows translation in one horizontal direction only and can resist horizontal loads perpendicular to this movement direction.

Nova SB bearings have been designed to support vertical loads from 100kN to 3000kN. Specials, with a greater load capacity, can be supplied. Various fixing arrangements are possible including tapped holes, threaded studs and plain surfaces for welding into the structure.


Download Structural Bearing Brochure.

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