Elastomeric Bearings

Nova Elastomeric Bearings are generally used in short to medium span structures where the loads and movements are not too great. They are constructed of natural rubber compounds (chloroprene compounds are also available) with internal steel reinforcing plates which are completely encased in the rubber. They are designed to rotate about any horizontal axis and can accommodate horizontal displacements. 


Displacement is achieved by deformation of the elastic (rubber) portion of the bearing, which deformation must remain within specified limits to ensure satisfactory performance of the bearing. Generally, Elastomeric Bearings do not incorporate a low friction sliding surface to accommodate horizontal displacements. They are therefore able to resist nominal horizontal loads subject to internal design limitations and slip considerations between the bearing and the structure. Dowels or adhesives may be used to reduce the possibility of slip between the bearing and the structure.

Download Elastomeric Bearing Brochure

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